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Here are our Winter enrichment courses for 2022!

Demystifying the Application Process: College Preparation Workshops


Date: Jan 9 – March 13 (winter) | April 3 – June 5 (spring)

Time: 7 – 8 pm every Sunday

Open to: Current High School Students (9th-11th Grade)

Course Description: Our "College workshops" will provide students with the full breadth of knowledge behind the college application process from the perspectives of Helen and Jason who've experience it all! Students will gain deep insight into topics ranging from extracurricular activities and standarized testing to college essays and the common application, all of which are designed to guarantee them a succesful high school career!

Winter Workshop Schedule*

  1. Overview of the College Application Process

  2. Creating Your College List

  3. Parts of an Application: What is the Common App Portal?

  4. Parts of an Application: the Activities List

  5. College Student Panel Q&A

  6. Standardized Testing: SAT/ACT & AP’s

  7. Pursuing your Passions: Extracurricular Activities

  8. Touring Colleges: How to Maximize the Experience

  9. Recommendation Letters

  10. Mythbusters! Answering Common Misconceptions

Spring Workshop Schedule

  1. Crafting a Personal Brand

  2. Choosing a Potential Major

  3. College Essays: Where to Begin?

  4. Essays: What Does and Doesn’t Works

  5. Supplemental Essays: The Why Us Essay

  6. College Student Panel Q&A: Essay Edition

  7. Alumni Interviews

  8. Scholarships 101

  9. Mythbusters 2! Answering Common Misconceptions

  10. How to Spend your Summers

Note* The winter course shares similarities with Camp Intellect's summer camp college workshops, but still contains significant additions/improvements. The Spring workshop is brand new!

$239 one-time payment per workshop ($24/session)


$29/session (pay on weekly basis)

Intro Science/English Enrichment Program


Date: Jan 10 – March 14

Time: 7 – 9 pm every Monday

Open to: Current Middle School Students (6th-8th Grade)

Course Description: This course introduces students to the fundamentals behind analytical writing and scientific analysis, skills crucial for their later success in high school! Please see below for detailed class descriptions.


Write to Success! (7-8pm)

  • “Write to Success!” teaches students how to compose an effective English analytical essay. Writing workshops will walk students through each step of the writing process, from constructing a thesis to writing a conclusion.

  • 1:1 feedback is a large aspect of instruction, and students will receive personalized suggestions on each week’s work. With the culmination of a final English paper based on a short fictional story, students will leave with a well-rounded writing background in preparation for high school courses.

Intro to the Scientific World (8-9pm)

  • In school, science may sometimes seem like a list of facts in a textbook, but it’s way more than just that! Science is everywhere around us; it's in living organisms, inanimate objects, natural disasters, bacteria and viruses, medicine and vaccines, and even the very formation of our earth and the universe.

  • In the "Intro to the Scientific World" course, students will not only be introduced to the basic principles of science, but more importantly, they will gain a new understanding of the scientific world through learning about fascinating phenomenons in biology, chemistry, and physics. By exploring the beauties of the scientific world, students will hopefully foster a newfound love and appreciation for science.

Note* This course is the same course that was taught at Camp Intellect's intro summer camps for the previous 2 years!

$349 one-time payment

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