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Middle School Program:
Path to Success!

Our Mission:

Fundamental Skills


The fundamental skills of writing, scientific analysis, and computer programming are essential to modern day success. However, many schools lack a comprehensive curriculum in these fields of study. We believe this educational gap prevents students from reaching their full academic potential. Here at Camp Intellect, we promise to fill this gap.

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Program Details:

Date: July 11-21 | 2 weeks

Time: Mon-Thu | 10AM-3PM EST

Open to: Rising 6-8th grade students

Cost: $499

Sample Schedule:

9:50–10:00 Morning Meeting

10:00–11:00 English

11:00–11:15 Break

11:15–12:15 Science

12:15-1:00 Lunch

1:00–2:00 Elective Class or HS Workshop

2:00-3:00 Computer Science

Thursday Night: Optional camp social event! (7-8PM)

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Course Details:

Write to Success!

English Core Course

“Write to Success!” teaches students how to compose an effective English analytical essay. Writing workshops will walk students through each step of the writing process, from the thesis to conclusion. 1:1 feedback is a large aspect of instruction, and students will receive personalized suggestions on each night’s work.


With the culmination of a final English paper based on a short fictional story, students will leave with a well-rounded writing background in preparation for high school courses.


Tiffany Liu

English Instructor

Hi! I'm Tiffany, a junior at Wissahickon High School. Analytical reading and writing skills are the key to interpreting the world around us! I can't wait to work with students and show them a framework for learning about English.​ Learn more.


Katherine Yang

English TA

Hi! I'm Katherine Yang, a freshman at Barrington High School. I believe that imagination, creativity, and good communication skills are essential characteristics for success. Learn more.

To learn more about our instructors' backgrounds, click here!

Intro to the Scientific World

Science Core Course

In school, science may seem like a list of facts in a textbook, but it’s way more than just that! Science is everywhere around us; it's in living organisms, natural disasters, medicine and vaccines, and even the very formation of our earth.


In "Intro to the Scientific World," students will gain a new understanding of the scientific world by learning the basic principles of science and fascinating phenomenons in biology, chemistry, and physics. By exploring the beauties of the scientific world, students will foster a newfound love and appreciation for science.

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Megan Chan

Science Instructor

Hi! I’m Megan, a rising junior at The Baldwin School. I love science because it offers so much to explore – there is truly no end to what we can do. It helps us in our understanding of life, the universe, and so much more. I hope to spread my love for science to others! Learn more.


Isabella Xie

Science TA

Hi! I'm Bella, a rising sophomore at Upper Dublin High School. The scientific world contains an infinite amount of information–a mystery I'll always be drawn to. I can't wait to make science a fun topic for all my students! Learn more.

To learn more about our instructors' backgrounds, click here!

Intro to Java

Computer Science Core Course

"Intro to Java" will teach the fundamentals of Java programming for students with little to no programming experience. Topics include basic object oriented programming concepts, functions, loops, and more. Along the way, students will develop crucial problem solving skills and logical thinking processes.


By the end of the course,  students will learn to code their own computer game and leave with the knowledge of how to apply computer science to real world problems.


Max Wu

Comp Sci Instructor

Hi! I'm Max, a sophomore at Methacton High School. I've always been curious about the potential of Artificial Intelligence, causing me to regularly delve into the world of Computer Science and technology. I'm looking forwards to instilling this sense of curiosity in my students! Learn more.


Andy Xu

Program Coordinator

Hi! I’m Andy, a rising senior at Millburn High School. I will be overseeing Camp Intellect's computer science curriculum and providing any assistance when needed!

To learn more about our instructors' backgrounds, click here!

Workshops & Electives

Our interactive workshops will prepare students for academic success by teaching them crucial time management, leadership, and productivity skills. Keynote speakers and featured panelists will provide academic lectures and important industry insights.


Additionally, students can choose from 8 new elective courses, taught in our instructors' specialized fields. These courses will expose students to new academic fields of interests that are not covered in traditional school curriculums. 

Workshop Topics

  • Life as a High Schooler

  • Time Management Skills

  • Productivity and Motivation

  • School Leadership and Taking Initiative

  • Getting Involved in Extracurriculars

  • Studying & Note-Taking Strategies

  • Presentations 101

Elective Courses

  • From Littering to Poaching: How Humans Impact the Natural World

  • Art History: A Tale Across Time

  • Creative Writing

  • Research in Social Justice

  • Climate Justice & Environmental Racism 

  • Music Theory

  • Basics of Investment & Personal Finance

  • 21st Century Computer Literacy

  • Public Speaking & Debate

Financial Aid Scholarships

Camp Intellect grants need-based aid that ranges from 10% to 100% of the cost of attendance. Our financial aid policy operates on the honor system; we have limited scholarship funds so please be honest about your need so we can make this program accessible to as many students as possible.


For more information, please email

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