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Path to Success! 

Intro to Science and English

Mondays | 7:30-9:00PM EST

$349/10 sessions

Jan 17 - Mar 21

Info Session Monday 1/10!

Open to: Middle school students (6-8th grade)

Instructors: Helen Wu (English), Jason Wang (Science)


Missed our summer programs? Fear not! In just 2 months, new students can learn our signature English writing & Science curriculums. These widely-acclaimed lessons have ensured our past students a smooth transition to high school life for the past 2 years.

This course introduces students to the fundamentals behind analytical writing and scientific analysis. Classes include 1:1 feedback, interactive games & weekly homework.


Note: This program is designed for students new to Camp Intellect. Returning 2020/2021 intro students should not register for this program, but are welcome to attend any other workshop.

Write to Success!

7:30-8:15 PM EST

“Write to Success!” teaches students how to compose an effective English analytical essay. Writing workshops will walk students through each step of the writing process, from constructing a thesis to writing a conclusion.

1:1 feedback is a large aspect of instruction, and students will receive personalized suggestions on each night’s work.


With the culmination of a final English paper based on a short fictional story, students will leave with a well-rounded writing background in preparation for high school courses.

The Scientific World

8:15-9:00 PM EST

In school, science may sometimes seem like a list of facts in a textbook, but it’s way more than just that! Science is everywhere around us; it's in living organisms, inanimate objects, natural disasters, bacteria and viruses, medicine and vaccines, and even the formation of our earth and the universe.


In the "Intro to the Scientific World" course, students will not only be introduced to the basic principles of science, but more importantly, they will gain a new understanding of the scientific world through learning about fascinating phenomenons in biology, chemistry, and physics. By exploring the beauties of the scientific world, students will hopefully foster a newfound love and appreciation for science.

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