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High School Program:
Thinking Like a Scholar

Our Mission:

Fundamental Skills


The fundamental skills of writing, scientific analysis, and computer programming are essential to modern day success. However, many schools lack a comprehensive curriculum in these fields of study. We believe this educational gap prevents students from reaching their full academic potential. Here at Camp Intellect, we promise to fill this gap.

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Program Details:

Date: July 11th – August 4th | 4 weeks

Time: Mon-Thurs | 7-9:30PM EST

Open to: Rising 9-11th grade students

Cost: $499

Sample Schedule:

7:00–8:00 Science (Mon/Wed) or English (Tue/Thu)

8:00–8:15 Break/Office Hours

8:15–9:30 Electives/Workshops (Mon/Wed)

Accelerated Comp Sci (Tue/Thu)

Fridays: Optional camp social event!

Referral Discounts!

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Course Details:

Advanced Writing Techniques

English Core Course


“Advanced Writing Techniques” is an introductory college-level English course. Writing workshops will walk students through standard rhetorical strategies and close reading techniques, which will be applied to an AP FRQ. Students will dive deeply into each step of the writing process and learn how to transform their writing. Students will receive personalized feedback on their work.

Throughout the course, students will learn about AP English, college essays/personal statements, and literary analysis

This course prepares students for higher-level AP, IB, or Honors courses.


Helen Wu

English Instructor

Hi! I'm Helen, a freshman at the University of Chicago planning to double major in Economics & Politican Science.

I believe that strong writing skills are the foundation of any type of success, and I look forward to sharing my knowledge with students!​​​

Winston Vuong

English TA

Hi! I’m Winston, a rising sophomore at Wissahickon High School. Often during class, I find myself working productively in social environments. I enjoy sharing ideas and gathering input from my peers. I hope to both teach and learn from others at Camp Intellect.

To learn more about our instructors' backgrounds, click here!

Scientific Research & Science Competitions

Science Core Course


In "Scientific Research & Science Competitions", students will dive deep into the modern world of scientific research and learn how to elevate their science-related achievements in High School. Students will learn about notable topics such as cancer research and AI while also being introduced to countless scientific opportunities such as science fairs, science olympiads, and competitive science summer programs.

For instance, students will not only learn how to conduct their own science fair research project, but they will also get an inside look at the competition playing field by listening to a panel of past Science Fair winners (5+ ISEF Medalists).


Jason Wang

Science Instructor

Hi! I'm Jason, an incoming pre-med student at Yale University.

Science has always been my passion because it answers the "why's" of our world and illuminates the universe around us. I hope to foster a love for the scientific world in my students!

Maggie Ruan

Science TA

Hi! I’m Maggie, a rising junior at Lower Moreland High School. I've always harbored a love for biology and environmental sciences, and I hope to study veterinary medicine in the future. I aspire to share my passions for biology with those around me!

To learn more about our instructors' backgrounds, click here!

Accelerated Java Programming

Computer Science Core Course

The Accelerated Java Progamming course will in addition to teaching the fundamentals of Java, primarily focusing on more advanced object-oriented programming. The course will revolve around "classes", a type of constructor for creating java “objects”. The course will begin by looking at basic classes, then progresses to more advanced concepts such as inheritance and abstract classes. Unlike other courses, this course helps students not only understand how classes work, but also the reasoning and logic behind their use, and why they are one of the most important aspects of object-oriented programming today.


Andy Xu

Comp Sci Instructor

Hi! I’m Andy, a rising senior at Millburn High School. Programming will soon be one of the most useful skills due to the growing importance of technology and AI. I'm excited to share my love for computer science with my students!


Max Wu

Comp Sci TA

Hi! I'm Max, a rising sophomore at Methacton High School. I've always been curious about the potential of Artificial Intelligence, causing me to regularly delve into the world of Computer Science and technology. I'm looking forwards to instilling this sense of curiosity in my students!

To learn more about our instructors' backgrounds, click here!

Workshops & Electives

Our interactive college workshops are designed to familiarize students with the college admissions process and teach them how to stand out from their peers! Keynote speakers and featured panelists will provide academic lectures and important industry insights.


Additionally, students can choose from 8 new elective courses, taught in our instructors' specialized fields. These courses will expose students to new academic fields of interests that are not covered in traditional school curriculums. 

College Workshop Topics

  • Parts of an Application: What is the Common App Portal?

  • Pursuing your Passions: Extracurricular Activities

  • Standardized Testing: SAT/ACT & AP's

  • Mythbusters! Answering Common Misconceptions

  • College Student Panel Q&A

Elective Courses

  • From Littering to Poaching: How Humans Impact the Natural World

  • Art History: A Tale Across Time

  • Creative Writing

  • Research in Social Justice

  • Climate Justice & Environmental Racism 

  • Music Theory

  • Basics of Investment & Personal Finance

  • 21st Century Computer Literacy

  • Public Speaking & Debate

Financial Aid Scholarships

Camp Intellect grants need-based aid that ranges from 10% to 100% of the cost of attendance. Our financial aid policy operates on the honor system; we have limited scholarship funds so please be honest about your need so we can make this program accessible to as many students as possible.


For more information, please email

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