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New! Summer 2022

Enrichment Courses

Fundamentals of Competitive Math

A Deep Dive Into Machine Learning

BookTalk! Reading Group

Individual Core Courses

Competitive Math

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Fundamentals of Competitive Math

Grades 5-8 | July 11-Aug 5 | 4 weeks 

Date: July 11 - August 5 | 8 classes

Time: Tuesday & Friday 3:30-5:00 PM EST

Instructor: Audrey Jing

Open to: Advanced elementary or middle school students interested in competitive math. No experience required. 

Cost: $199

Competitive math develops problem-solving skills, encourages critical thinking, and strengthens a student’s mathematical abilities. These competitions require unique mathematic knowledge that is not taught in a regular school curriculum. However, many students begin training in late middle or high school, which puts them at a disadvantage when it comes to grasping large amounts of material.


Beginning to train in middle school ensures success in AMC 8 and MATHCOUNTS, which act as stepping stones for high school competitions and selective summer programs. This course teaches essential skills required for AMC 8, MATH COUNTS, Math Olympiads, and Math League.

Featured Instructor

Lead Math Instructor Audrey Jing is part of the Milburn Math League team (ranked #1 in New Jersey) and she has qualified for the MATHCOUNTS NJ State Competition as one of the top 20 competitors in the state.


Additionally, Audrey has earned the Math Olympiad Silver Pin (Top 10%), Top 4 in MATHCOUNTS North Central Jersey Chapter, AMC 8 Honor Roll (top 5%), and the AMC 10 Achievement Roll. For more information about Audrey's background, click here.


Audrey Jing

 Stuyvesant HS

Machine Learning

A Deep Dive Into Machine Learning

Grades 8-11 | July 11-Aug 5 | 4 weeks 

Date: July 11 - August 5 | 4 classes

Time: Friday 4:00-6:00 PM EST

Instructor: Andy Xu

Open to: Middle School Students with math experience up to Algebra II or High school students interested in machine learning and AI. No coding experience required. 

Cost: $199

In an era of technology and “big data”, AI has seen exponential growth in recent years. Deep Learning is a subset of AI that is taking over all AI-related tasks from speech and facial recognition to stock forecasting and autonomous driving. However, deep learning can seem scary with complex buzzwords and advanced multivariable calculus. 


This course explains intuitively the inner workings and math behind neural networks, and teaches students how to build and train their own complex deep learning models for predictive modeling and image classification.

Featured Instructor

Lead Computer Science Instructor Andy Xu is president of Millburn’s AI club (70+ members) that is currently implementing facial recognition software for student identification at Millburn High School. They are also partnering with the chain bakery Mochimoly on consumer demand forecasting.

Additionally, Andy has done independent, deep learning research that has been published in the Columbia Junior Science Journal (Top 3%), received the USAID Science Champion Award (Top 1%), won 2nd place at the Junior Science and Humanities Symposium. For more information about Andy’s background, click here.


Andy Xu 

Millburn HS


BookTalk! Reading Group

Ages 8-12 | July 10-Aug 5 | 4 weeks 

Date: July 10 - August 5 | 4 classes

Time: Sunday 5:00-6:30 PM EST

Instructor: Helen Wu

Open to: Students from ages 8-12

Cost: $149

Let's make reading fun again! Reading from an early age is essential to building critical writing, comprehension, and analytical skills. Each week, book club members will read a different book and discuss in a weekly meeting. Meetings include lively activities and games!

Featured Instructor

From an early age, books have always been Helen's companion. She could often be seen with books in hand and reading them whenever she could. Over the years, Helen has found that her enthusiasm for reading at an early age has served as a foundation for her success, one that has propelled Helen to her proficiency in writing, vocabulary, and interpersonal skills. Let Helen help your child develop a love for reading today!


Helen Wu


Core Courses

Individual Core Courses

English, Science, or Comp Sci courses in MS/HS Program Packages

Please see our program packages page for more info

Cost: $199

Have a time conflict with our program packages? Don't worry, you have the option to pick and choose to sign up for only specific core courses. These include any English, Science, or Computer Science course from both the Middle School or High School Program Packages. Please see below for details.

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