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2022 Summer Staff Applications

We are so excited to announce that Camp Intellect will be opening applications for teaching staff positions for our third year of summer programs! There are a variety of instructor/TA positions open for rising 9th-12th grade students. Applicants should be available in the evenings of July 11–August 5 (tentative) during which our summer programs will run.


Working for Camp Intellect is a great way to gain  valuable new experience while also creating a unique, original extracurricular for your resume. New instructors will receive 1:1 teaching training from Helen and Jason, learn crucial communication and problem solving skills, and join Camp Intellect’s growing network and community. Additionally, instructors may opt to donate their salary and join Camp Intellect's growing donation pool of over $10,000, which gives back to the community and accomplishes important community service work.


All applications are due by Thursday, March 31st. Selected candidates will proceed further through an interview process in early April.

Application Components:

  • Background Information (GPA, Awards, Extracurriculars)

  • Written Component (2 short essays)

  • Optional Sample Work (reflective of your academic abilities)

Important Information: 

  • Courses will run for 2x/week (Mon-Wed or Tues-Thurs) over one month.

  • Electives will run 1x/week on Friday’s.

  • Instructors will be paid a base minimum salary, which may change based on the number of registrants.

  • Instructors will generally be expected to teach Camp Intellect’s original curriculum, but may also opt to create their own course in certain circumstances.

  • Applicants may apply to more than one position. No teaching experience required.

Introductory Program Instructor 

  • Age: Rising 10th-12th Grade

  • Base Salary: $350

  • Commitment: 4-5hrs/week (Two 1-hr classes, plan materials)

  • Description: Instructor will teach rising middle school students in a core subject (English/Science/CS/other). Instructors will be expected to lead the class, facilitate activities/discussions, assign homework, and collaborate with the TA. All instructors will receive extensive training before beginning.

Advanced Program Teacher's Assistant 

  • Age: Rising 10th-12th Grade

  • Base Salary: $200

  • Commitment: 3-4 hrs/week (Assist two 1-hr classes, grade assignments)

  • Description: The TA will work directly with Helen and Jason in teaching rising high school students. TA’s will be expected to grade assignments, carefully observe class, and potentially take over a few days of class instruction. Most importantly, Advanced TA’s have the opportunity to become an Advanced Program Instructor in future years and will receive priority over all other candidates. 

Introductory Program Teacher's Assistant 

  • Age: Rising 9th-11th Grade

  • Base Salary: $150

  • Commitment: 3-4 hrs/week (Assist two 1-hr classes, grade assignments)

  • Description: The TA will assist the instructor in a variety of different ways. Responsibilities include helping students in class, leading small group activities, grading homework assignments, and conducting administrative work. TA’s will receive all the experience necessary to become an Intro Program Instructor in the following year

Elective Class Instructor 

  • Commitment: 1-2 hrs/week (Teach one 1-hr elective course)

  • Description: If applicants have a strength in a specific subject not currently offered by Camp Intellect, we encourage them to detail their experience in the application and potentially offer an elective course. Instructors will be expected to create their own curriculum and a detailed plan of study for all students.

  • More information will be provided for those who are interested.

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