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Camp Intellect


Building A Foundation For Academic Success Since 2020

Why Camp Intellect?

Academic Preparation

Students are often underprepared for the transition to middle school, high school, and college. At Camp Intellect, instructors share their own high school experiences and provide detailed advice to fill this lack of guidance.

Experienced Staff

Our instructors are T10 college students with first-hand experience in today's educational world. We relate to students as both mentors and friends through personalized evaluations and 1:1 coaching.

Real-World Application

Most schools focus solely on theoretical knowledge and brute memorization. 

At Camp Intellect, we prioritize practical application through interactive workshops, elective courses, and group projects. 

Community & Engagement

Camp Intellect combines fun with learning! Our campers have developed lasting friendships through friendly competition, group projects, peer review & feedback, discussions, debates, and games.


Meet the Instructors

Our student instructors are experts in their fields who strive for academic excellence and are deeply involved in their communities.


We promise that our experience will allow us to lead your child to succeed.


Who are We?

Camp Intellect is an educational company looking to provide an affordable and distinguished learning experience to all students from grades K-12.

Over the past 2 years, Camp Intellect has prepared 200+ students for high school success.

Our specially designed curriculum includes lessons, activities, and projects intended to build real-world English, science, and computer science skills.

We have donated over $10,000 to education-based nonprofits while providing academic scholarships to our students on a need basis.

What People Are Saying

"I already thought Camp Intellect 2020 was really good, but 2021 was so much better. Helen, Jason, and Andy are all amazing teachers, and their lessons are always easy to understand and very engaging.

Camp Intellect is one of the very few camps I know that are educational and fun at the same time. I learned so much in a span of just 2 weeks. I also met so many talented people and new friends through team competitions and social events.

Thank you so much for spending so many hours preparing and teaching your lessons! You guys never fail to inspire and impress me"

MEGAN XIE / 10th Grade / 2020 & 2021 Student

Philanthropic Mission

Camp Intellect strives to promote educational equity by providing need-based scholarships, donating to education-based nonprofits, and supporting inner-city schools.

3 years,

150+ students across 3 countries,

$10,000+ raised for local organizations

In 2021, Camp Intellect worked with the Community Partnership School of Philadelphia and the Urban League of Essex County, New Jersey to subsidize key educational supplies and provide innovative opportunities for local youth.

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